Last week Friday on the phenomenal woman group during our advice question and answer session, a lady was worried that her sister got a major role as an actor and her mother was not really happy as she prefers her sister rather focus on the gospel than landing a major role that might distract her.

It got me thinking why Christians are always quick to reject influence. As brand influencers are on the increase, I wonder why we excuse ourselves from any opportunity of influence as long as it’s not something we are conversant with.

There’s a brand we are called to influence. It may not seem as though this brand has a physical structure with board of directors but we have much more than just a physical structure. We are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses. We have directors ranging from Paul, David, John, Elijah, Daniel, Joshua, Ruth, Esther, Elisha, Kenneth E Hagin, Maria Woodworth Etter, oral Roberts, Smith Wigglesworth and a large number of them. Sis, if these names does not spark something in you to be a brand influencer for the kingdom, I don’t know what will.

Imagine being a brand influencer for the biggest brand in the whole world: The kingdom of God?

I’m challenging you this morning to dare join the biggest brand in the History of the world. You don’t have to bother so much about your personality or try switching from an artist to a pastor. Infact, you don’t need a personality or Job switch. All you need to do is to use your current influence to amplify this brand. Your influence can be in politics, finance, modeling, market place, entertainment, education, technology or social media. Use your unique pulpit to be an influencer for this brand and point people to Christ.

You have been about this brand for long, It’s time to be the BRAND INFUENCER.


Love you



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  • Dera
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    I’m a brand influencer for the kingdom

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