This book is a life transforming one trust me. Girl listen, “destined to reign” messed with my mind, soul and my entire being.

It questioned whether I have been studying the scriptures with understanding the past few years. I had to learn and unlearn so many things, if not everything!

I came to understand that God is not just that ruler up there controlling the universe, He’s my friend and He is pleased with me.

“Destined to reign” reassured me of God’s constant & unfailing love for me despite my weaknesses.

Prior to reading “destined to reign”, I was in a place where I struggled with a whole lot of things that made me shy away from his presence. But after reading “destined to reign”, not only did I regained my place in Christ, I was delivered from those struggles and Addiction.

I just woke up one day and found out that am free from those struggles. Like for real sis!

I think everyone needs a copy of this book….it’s a Mindset shift!

I strongly recommend “Destined to reign” to anyone out there battling with addiction and any form of identity crisis.

It changed my life and it will change yours too!

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