On Valentines day, people all over the world gave their loved ones gifts and most times you can’t help but notice the fancy gift box containing those gifts. How do I know? Thanks to Social media.  Some go the extent of inviting people to unbox their gift with them. Most times people spend a chunk of their time looking for the perfect gift box as that’s the first thing the receiver will get to see before the gift itself. So you see people obsessed about the gift box and packaging so as to make even the tiniest gift look presentable. Some people spend more on the gift box than the actual gift itself. This is to show you the extent value is placed on the GIFT BOX. What do you rather prefer? A fancy gift box ? The actual gift itself or both? You don’t have to answer that……..hahahaha

Does this not portray how most of us are obsessed with all the fancy package that comes with being associated with Jesus than the actual gift himself- JESUS ? Most of the time we get carried away with all that Jesus comes with- healing, miracles, financial upliftment, career growth, ministry growth,  good health, peace, children e.t.c.  All these things are good but it is wise to focus on the gift itself.

Jesus is the gift and you should not lose sight of that. It is easy to focus on the things that comes with Him but what if they are all stripped away? Will He still be your pursuit?  I’m challenging you to sincerely chase Jesus not just what He can do for you. He wants you to access all the blessings in the kingdom but He feels betrayed everytime you  abandon Him and chase the blessings instead.

This is a call to go back to your first love. The pursuit of His presence overrides the pursuit of things.  Let Him know that you actually love Him by your heart posture and the way you show up in this world.

Don’t get caught up obsessing over the gift box that you forget to actually acknowledge the gift.




Love you








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  • Dera
    Posted February 21, 2022 10:22 am 0Likes

    This is a love letter not a blog post. Thank you dimma
    Jesus I love you and it’s beyond the blessings that come from being one with you. Help me to keep my eyes on you daily. Thank you for loving me back.

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