On Friday I watched a short clip of how Jesus died on the cross for my sins. The scene where he was flogged mercilessly till he started dripping of blood made me shiver. It was as though anytime they flogged him, they extract his flesh with the cane that has spikes. It was not even an ordinary cane. He was almost lifeless after that and was covered in the pool of His blood. Then crown of thorns that was pierced into his skull made me broke down. As I was still thinking how people can be this wicked to torture Jesus like this, they dragged him to the cross and pierced nails through his hands and feet. As this was taking place, I heard the sound of the nails crushing his bones located there.

I started shedding tears and wondering why he chose to even die for us that way so that we won’t be condemned. Immediately after watching the clip, I made a commitment not to live for anything else in this world. I know I had already made this commitment but just in case I wasn’t sure if I should keep promoting him in everything I do, I made a fresh commitment. I resolved to pay the price and do whatever it takes to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth. I don’t care if it will take all my time, resources, energy, life and everything to do that because He is worth it.

It is so sad that we have trivialized the cross and the sacrifice Jesus made to redeem us. We confess that we are born again Christians but go about chasing every other thing (goals and aspirations) without any room for the kingdom. Most of us attend to every church program without any impact in our communities. Are you not even tired of going to church everyday without any plan to take this gospel to communities? Are you not tired of posting your pictures everyday on social media highlighting your favorite moments with captions like , “It’s the leg for me”? Who cares about your legs and skin when there is a price to pay to take the gospel to nations? I don’t even know who has done this to us. Who deceived you into thinking that you own your life, time and resources? That’s why you spend only on your projects without kingdom agenda. You were bought with a price and the least you can do is to live for his pleasure. So if he needs your time and resources, you gladly submit it.

How can you confess him without any agenda to advance His kingdom? I don’t know who made us think that this is all a joke. So you wake up, start going about your business and then place him on the background because it’s cool to be kind of associated with him in words. It’s the nonchalant attitude and audacity for me!

Someone laid his life on the cross for you. Who and what else should you live for? The way you are always chasing the next best thing is a proof of who and what you are living for?” What” because some of us are not even living for anyone but things. At least it would be better if it was a human being you are living for but NO! It’s either you are living to chase money or you are giving your life for it without any kingdom agenda. Some of you think that they are too beautiful and coordinated to chase God. Who gave you the beauty? The least you can do is to use it as a magnet to draw people to God. That’s the least you can do because there are weightier things to do.

I think that this is a good place to make a fresh commitment with God to live only for His pleasure. This is a good place to make a commitment of advancing His own agenda not yours. This is a good place to lay down your life, resources, energy, time, talent on the altar to promote and advance His kingdom.

This is not a time to start arguing and staying woke. If someone can die to redeem you, the least you can do is to completely live for Him because HE IS SO WORTH IT.

Stop over thinking whatever you think you have that is preventing you from giving your all to advance the kingdom and lay it on the altar. Jesus should be your idol and the essence of your life. He deserves it. People may claim to love you but no one has died for you willingly or is there?. Wherever you are, make a commitment to stop living selfishly and carelessly. Enough of the part time and feel good Christianity. Don’t think you are doing Him a favor.

A king that gave everything cannot be impressed. The least you can do is to live for His pleasure.

He paid the price to die on the cross for you in order to get a prize which is YOU!

I dare you to give him your all because HE IS WORTH IT.


Love you




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  • Dera
    Posted April 5, 2021 10:41 am 3Likes

    People may claim to love you but no one has died for you willingly or is there?

    Hmmm Lord I give you everything and lay my life before you because you are worth it.

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