Truth is, having ideas are never enough , something has to be done about them.

You don’t just wish that one day your numerous ideas will be an escape route for you if you don’t develop it. Ideas are cheap, work is not cheap.This explains why someone that is willing to put in the work can borrow your ideas and be a high flyer tomorrow. Ideas are simply ideas!

This brings us to the question; How can one develop money making ideas?

  1. Find out the needs in your community

Most of the time we are tempted to hold onto an idea because of its trends and how the society view them. Ladies tend to open an online boutique, sell hair, own a fashion brand and the likes. Nobody wants to go into extraction of natural products, sourcing of motor parts, delivery business and the likes.  Your ideas should be need based not want based. Everyone needs a brush to brush their teeth but not everyone needs a special kind of whitening teeth powder.

  1. Make sure the ideas are impactful

Before running off with an idea, make sure its impact will be felt by your community. People want to know that your idea is not just making money but also changing their lives.This is what distinguishes us as Christian woman in business. Its all about impact girls. We don’t just want to develop money making ideas, we want our impact to be noised abroad.

  1. Do your homework – Research

Girl you don’t want to run off with that idea without knowing all that it entails. You need to not only know your market but check it out. There are so many things to put into place like doing a SWOT analysis, salary estimation for staffs , looking for ideal locations , calculate when to break even and writing a complete business plan.This is an important step because it keeps you guided on what you are getting yourself involved in.

  1. Test the idea in a small scale and see how it goes

You won’t lose anything if you decide to start small. It’s always safe to test run the idea on your immediate environment on a small scale. It saves you a whole lot of stress should the idea experience loss. The whole motive is to start small , local and then end up global… how about that?

  1. Incorporate customer validation

Go the extra mile to find out from your customer about your service /product. You may not feel good when the review is not on the positive side. That’s okay but instead of beating yourself up, go back to the drawing board and do better. Successful businesses thrive on failure and negativity. If it’s all on the positive side, you might just feel complacent and get satisfied too easily. Hence, the need for customer review can’t be overemphasized.

Girl go make impact and get that money!

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