It all started in 2016 during my NYSC when I wrote quite a number of examinations because I wanted to commence my masters’ abroad as soon as I’m done with my NYSC. I sent about 13 applications to different scholarships such as Erasmus mundus, commonwealth, Ptdf and I also applied to five US based schools. To my dismay, I was denied the whole scholarship applications I sent out and as regards my application for the US based schools, only one of them offered me admission.

As at January 2017, I had already spent (380 dollars), for both the GRE and TOEFL exams I wrote for the US applications. Around April 2017, I got a part scholarship from the only school that gave me admission in the US. After much deliberation with my parents, they agreed to pay the remaining part of the fees (which was around 6million naira then).

By July 21st 2017, I went for my first visa interview in Abuja and after the interview, the interviewer said a particular document was needed before they can conclude on their decision, that I should get the documents, and then they will get back to me in two weeks’ time. I kept praying and hoping the visa will be approved. On August 13th 2017, I got an email that my passport was ready for collection, I went to pick it but to my greatest shock, my visa was denied. I was frustrated and devastated. I almost lost hope, but after much consideration, I was encouraged to apply again in two months’ time.

On November 14th,2017. I went for another visa interview, this time it was short and the interviewer denied me the visa within four minutes of the interview. After that encounter, it was a painful experience for me because at that point I had already spent close to N400,000 in processing the visa. I was broken, sad, frustrated and broke. I spent all my savings trying to get that visa!

In January 2018, I decided to start a new life. I started my masters’ in Nigeria but I was still applying for scholarships in different countries and kept trusting God. On June 2018, I got a mail that I was in the waiting list of a scholarship I applied for earlier.

In July 2018, I got another mail that I was awarded the scholarship, FULLY FUNDED SCHOLARSHIP FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE FRENCH REPUBLIC. It was a life changing miracle for me.

 Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams!

Keep Working Hard And Trusting God, Then He Will Make It Happen At His Appointed Time.


Love you



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  • Dera
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    All glory to God
    He makes all things beautiful in His time

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