My mom always said that I would get pregnant if a man should ‘touch’ me. But after three months of being married, I began to doubt that ideology. I googled, I was worried, I prayed. I was always online searching for how to get pregnant. Google had me on a spot. I did everything the authors recommended- from taking folic acid to raising my legs/hips after sex. I was on the road to desperation. My mom would tell me to calm down. That it’s just three months. But, I would remind her that the journey of a thousand years starts with a step. Three months of waiting can turn to three years. God forbid! I refused to be calm. I kept stressing.

And which of you by worrying can add a single day to his life’s span?
Matt 6: 27

I guess God was up there wondering why this daughter of His has done everything but rely on Him. One day, He called my attention back to Him through an animal – a pregnant goat.

I was on my way home when I saw the heavily pregnant goat. Coincidentally, we (the goat and I) were the only ones on the road at that moment. At the sight of the goat, I was pained. Why should a goat get pregnant easily (without prayer and fasting or googling) and I am here struggling to conceive? No, it is not fair! While I was lamenting, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, “go back to the beginning. Go to Genesis where it all started.”

Immediately I got home, I tossed my bag aside, picked up my RSV Bible and opened to Genesis chapter one. After reading the passage two times, my eyes were opened. It was like I was seeing for the first time. I couldn’t believe that I had read this chapter all my life and I have never seen what I just saw. In verse 28, it declared that God has called me fruitful and commanded me to reproduce. It is not a wish, it’s a command.

When God gives a command, He puts systems in place for it to be accomplished.

This is the same way He commanded the plants and animals to reproduce. That’s why a coconut tree brings forth fruit at the right time and animals reproduce without struggling. It is a command from the almighty. So, I am actually supposed to conceive and have all the children I want because God has commanded it. And His word is final. That was so good! That truth hit me like a ball to my head. I stopped googling, I stopped fretting. I called one of my friends who is a pastor to pray for me and to join my faith with his. After praying, he said three sentences to me, “It is done. It is now. It shall no longer be delayed.” I noted those words. Then, I picked up my jotter and wrote out my confessions according to Genesis 1. Finally, I declared and wrote that I would be confirmed pregnant that month and it was so.

Truly, anyone who decides to focus on God alone will not be put to shame. The Bible is complete. It has answers to every problem on earth.

Trusting in God don’t cost a thing.

However, the devil will not relent in fighting pregnant women. I think he has a personal ‘beef’ with pregnancy and childbirth. It is important for every expectant mom to pray constantly and speak positively over her life and her unborn child. Truthfully, I was not always consistent with prayers during my pregnancy, but I tried to read my confessions daily as the Holy Spirit guides and helps me.

On the 39th week, at about 8pm, I placed my right hand on my tummy and spoke to my child – asking her to come out that week and not delay. I was exhausted and done being pregnant. I didn’t want to wait till the 40th week. Heck! Third trimester is tiring! After speaking to my child, I stood up to ease myself. All of a sudden, I felt trickles of water down my legs. From trickles, it started gushing out. Fear gripped me at first. Then excitement kicked in. Finally! This pregnancy is coming to an end and I get to meet my baby.

I said a little prayer and called my husband. We drove down to the hospital and the water kept pouring. I was not feeling any pain or contractions. Nothing at all.

The doctor admitted me and administered misoprostol. Still, the contractions were not coming. I tried walking around the hospital room (while praying) to kickstart the contractions, but nothing happened. I said to myself, “the devil is a liar.

“I will walk out of this hospital with a healthy baby in my arms.” I kept repeating my confessions throughout the night. It was a battle but God is always a winner. So, I was prepared to win.

The following day, very early in the morning , the doctor decided to inject me with Oxytocin. That was when the contractions started. It was slow but consistent. By evening, I was fully dilated. The nurses and the doctor were surprised because I was not screaming the whole place down since it was my first pregnancy. They didn’t know that I had done a lot of mental work to tackle this fateful day. I had prepared myself to breathe through the contractions instead of shouting. So, deep breathing was what I did. I never raised my voice even though I was in pain.

When it was time to push, I felt like I didn’t have any energy left. After several pushes, I cried out to God on the last push, saying “God, please help your daughter. Help me.” At that moment, my husband walked in and told me that I could do it. His words and his presence uplifted my spirit. I took a deep breath and waited for another contraction to come. When it came, I gave the last push my all, and my daughter dropped on the bed within a second. She gave a soft cry and was whisked away by the nurses for cleansing. Placenta followed immediately. Doctor checked me and said I had no tears. For a first time mom, that has to be a miracle. I was relieved.

I looked at my child on the cleaning table and tears flowed down my cheeks. She is so perfect. And it was over. Few minutes later, I was able to have my bath by myself and eat my food. Oh! no, it was my husband that fed me. Hahahaha. He was too happy. God be praised! His words are yea and amen.


There’s power in the mighty name of Jesus
Every war He wages He will win
I’m not backing down from any giant
‘Cause I know how this story ends
Yes, I know how this story ends

I’m gonna see a victory
I’m gonna see a victory
For the battle belongs to You, Lord


(Culled from See a Victory by Elevation Worship)


Love you




  • Chimdi
    Posted June 29, 2021 12:00 pm 3Likes

    Praise God!

    This statement particularly stood out to me, “ When God gives a command, He puts systems in place for it to be accomplished.”

    God is able????????

    • Somykels
      Posted June 29, 2021 5:31 pm 0Likes

      Same here

    • pwoman
      Posted June 30, 2021 8:56 am 0Likes

      Powerful Statement…

  • Hilda
    Posted June 30, 2021 10:32 am 0Likes

    Awesome testimony. I had similar panic just after one month of marriage.. lol… We must learn to trust God always. I conceived after two months and the journey had been of faith and grace. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    • pwoman
      Posted July 5, 2021 8:34 am 0Likes

      That’s the best thing to do.

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