I got into the school of pharmacy at a young age of 15, thank God I didn’t need to check if my hand could reach my ear. I was given all sorts of nicknames in school from Last born aka LastB, Babyface to  babyslayer…hahaha

The beginning

In my first year when I resumed, I got into the University of Nigeria Nsukka(UNN) a week before exam. Quite shocking right? I never knew I had an admission until I was called. I rushed into UNN got all the books needed and prepared for my first exam even though I did not attend any of the classes or practical sessions. I prayed each day after studying. A night before the exam, God revealed the questions to me in a dream. I got into the lab for my first practical exams and behold, the colour of the salt I saw in the dream was the same with the one in the exam hall. I prayed for ASUU strike to take place when I started hearing rumors about it. This happened in 2006, I am sorry if you were in that year when we were at home for more than 1 month. I had to pray for the strike to take place because I was not prepared for the exams. After my first year exams, I came out with a GPA of 4.1.

In my 2nd year I got challenged by a coursemate who said “smallie are you sure your brain can take all the courses in pharmacy”?  I have always had the mindset that anyone who challenges me, does the same to God. So I took him to God and told him to shock this coursemate of mine. In my second year, I came out with 2 distinctions out of 6 professional exams. He was amazed when he saw my result. It confirmed to me that God was with me in my academic journey. I Joined a fellowship in UNN and I was faithful in paying my tithes including on my time which is  2.4hrs out of 24hrs dedicated to God every day.

The Change

Later I felt that irrespective of what I did in school, God always come through for me. So I decided to explore life. Gradually, my passion for GOD started to wane but I was excelling in my academics regardless.

I learnt that God doesn’t take back His gift from you but sin can puncture the bag carrying the gift.

However, I was still in several positions in churches and fellowships and even in departmental fellowships. I was busy with Godly activities but a working relationship with God till I had a moment of realization which showed itself in my final year.

The wailing

In my final year, I had a goal to have at least 4 distinctions out of 6 since I had 3distinctions in my 4th year. One day, I got a message from admissions office stating that my admission was fake. I couldn’t do anything because both the Senate and my department was against me. I tried explaining everything with facts from JAMB and a Letter from JAMB office addressing it to UNN. All attempts to convince them proved futile.

During this time, I met the Dean of Pharmacy who was a fellowship friend and he encouraged me to write my final exam. Little did he know that I had gotten another JAMB form in case my appeal to the school gets withdrawn. I wrote every exam with the fear of an officer coming into the hall to pull me out. I never had the time to read because I was moving from office to office to drop either a letter or some documents. At the end of the exam I met the admission officer who said over her dead body will she see me graduate.  The Chairman of Senate committee told me that it is either he sees me leave the school or he gets relieved of his job. A professor in my department asked of my age and jokingly said I should start school afresh stating that I’m too young to be a graduate

I wept bitterly because I had no one to turn to. I had to stay in UNN for one year doing nothing. While still in school, I assisted my landlord in dropping his kids off to school. I also thought of doing manual jobs in school. My world came spinning in my eyes.

The turnaround

There was a place called the praying ground which is the Lawn Tennis court in school. I went there every morning and evening , soaked myself in prayers and cried to God with all my documents. So one day, my landlord was made a Senate representative for department of pharmacy and my neighbor, the Dean of Student affairs; these two had a role to play in the Senate.

One of the days after I came back from dropping  my landord’s kids, I met a friend of my dad. They have been friends for over 30years and I heard he was leaving UNN back to the States. That day, He invited me to his house and I explained everything to him. Guess what? He knew the Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor. So he introduced me to them and also wrote them a letter.

After some months, my case was reopened. My name became the talk of the school in all senate meetings. A committee was even formed for my case.

One night after my prayers and worship, I got into a realm where I felt God’s presence. It was so beautiful. You wouldn’t want to leave such presence, cool, soft melodious sounds and peaceful. That night I had a dream. I saw my landlord knocking at my door saying congrats to me. I woke up and saw it was just a dream but I accepted it with faith.

A week after my dream, I got a call from my Landlord and he congratulated me saying that my withdrawal has been rescinded.

This situation made me realize that when you are down, some friends you assisted in the past may leave you.  I had no one but three friends during this one year of trauma. My parents came all the way from Lagos to UNN to see me and they stayed with me in my little room.

Three times I had suicidal thoughts but mercy said NO!

I lost two years but in God’s faithful mercy and Grace I gained two years. During youth service I was posted to the highest paying local government in Nigeria. I earned  5 digits after service with three job offers. If I am to boast I will boast in God’s name. It has always being and will always be God.

I helped some of my colleagues who were years ahead of me get jobs.

Surely, it is not of him that willet nor he that runnet but God that showeth mercy.

If you have made it this far to the end of this script and this story currently resonates with you, Have this in mind that DELAY IS NOT A DENIAL .



Love you



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