These past few weeks has been a test to be honest. I had plans of re-launching my YouTube Channel  this month so I started preparing for it last month. On the day I was meant to shoot the videos, my tripod stand got stuck. So I left it for the coming week as it was already weekend and the way mom life is set up, I cannot do much during the weekends. On Monday, I was excited to shoot at least two videos but something happened, the microphone started acting up. I had to undress and postponed the shoot to Tuesday. To be honest it was frustrating but I was determined to re-launch my YouTube channel.

On Tuesday I was already dressed, checked everything, went through my notes and was ready to shoot but something happened. I was charging my phone as I wanted to ensure the battery will last for the entire day. That was the only thing left to put in place before shooting. As I was about getting seated for the shoot, my leg mistakenly touched the charger and my phone fell from the table. I was not bothered at first seeing that it didn’t fall from a great height till I picked it up. My entire phone screen was crashed!

I didn’t know how to feel. I was devastated. I cried real tears. I was just close to recording these videos. I got my journal where I write down instructions from the Holy Spirit to search for where He instructed me to revamp my YouTube Channel and start posting contents. Just to confirm I heard Him right. There it was with the date and time He gave me the instruction. I was discouraged and asked the Holy Spirit, where is all this resistance coming from if He instructed me to do this? Then I also have to face the fact that my phone screen is around eighty thousand naira for the original one and thirty five thousand naira for the factory made one. I was not ready to spend such amount of money that day. I eventually changed the screen by the end of the same day. I encouraged myself in the lord and was looking forward to shooting on Wednesday. Crazy right?

On Wednesday, I shot  two videos the entire day. I was so happy and excited for the next day to wrap up the videos I will be publishing throughout August.

On Thursday, I dressed up and was ready to shoot but I was pressed so I decided to ease myself and get back to shooting. When I came back to my office, I noticed my husband left his cold water bottle on my table but I didn’t read meaning into it. So I quickly removed the water bottle as my external microphone and laptop was there and I don’t want to take the risk of anything damaging. He came to say goodbye before leaving to work but forgot his water bottle.

Then as I was about shooting, my phone notified me that the external microphone is no longer compatible with my phone. I thought it was a joke and I will fix it immediately. After three attempts to get the microphone working and all to no avail, it dawned on me that this problem is getting out of hand but I had faith. So I prayed in tongues believing that the microphone will start working. I took it out on the sun for any water particles to dry up.  I kept on trying and at the same time a bit worked up. After I did all I knew to do for 2 hours, I left my house to search for the microphone because I was determined to shoot that day as I already have activities piled up for next  month. I have to prepare for my final exams, complete my assignments, work on my project, plan for physical meeting for phenomenal woman UNEC, go for evangelism to reach out to the students that just entered the university, hospital visitations and a lot more. There was no time to squeeze any video shoot in August.

So I was going from one shop to another under the sun looking for that microphone but no one had it. It then forced me to order it online for the second time for ten thousand naira. It was not even up to one week I ordered the first microphone that just got spoilt. At this point, I was determined to wear out the devil but I was just tired that day. I didn’t understand what was happening  as I just concluded 8 days of fasting 6a.m-6pm.  After encouraging myself in the lord, I made up my mind to squeeze in the video shoot even if it means working round the clock.

Finally my first intro video is out and a new video will be available every Tuesdays but I will still have to shoot the remaining videos but that’s okay. Click  here to watch the video. Make sure to subscribe and turn on your notification bell.

This was not the weekly snack I intend sharing but the Holy Spirit moved me in this direction.

I don’t know who this snack is for but persist  that the vision God has entrusted you with will not die even amidst the challenges you are facing.

This month, PERSIST :

  • To stay in God’s presence to put something on your life that your generation cannot ignore
  • To get those certifications
  • To start that business or Non-profit or YouTube Channel
  • To serve with all that God has deposited on the inside of you
  • To be a woman of character and integrity
  • To preach the gospel with all that you have got
  • To make that marriage a blessing by being intentional about it
  • To be intentional about your parenting
  • To know the person of the Holy Spirit
  • To be financially literate
  • To hone those skills that it will be difficult for the world to ignore you
  • To be intentional about who you choose to submit to as a single lady
  • To be all that God has called you to be.

The entire snack for today is summed up in the word, “PERSISTENCE”

Cheers to persisting till your dreams becomes your reality.


Love you





  • Somy
    Posted August 2, 2021 11:37 pm 0Likes

    PERSISTENCE is the Keyword for the week. God bless you ma????

    • pwoman
      Posted August 9, 2021 10:23 am 0Likes

      God bless you too dear

  • Ogechi
    Posted August 3, 2021 8:28 am 1Likes


  • Dera
    Posted August 3, 2021 9:28 am 1Likes

    Persistence is the word for the rest of this morning because the devil is trying to get me to give up spending time in God’s presence.

    • pwoman
      Posted August 9, 2021 10:24 am 0Likes

      Don’t let him win

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