I was talking with a lady and she told me how she loves the paparazzi life. She told me she loves glitz and glamour. I was like who doesn’t?

What led to our discussion in this direction was that she was complaining how she lost her followers on Instagram because she could not retrieve her previous account and she will concentrate all her efforts towards building her new account. I was like that’s fantastic but the way she was channeling all her energy towards growing her personal page on Instagram became worrisome to me. She was always on her phone and tagging celebrities. She became obsessed with it. I stumbled on a conversation with her friends where they were discussing how to shoot their shot on social media. To be honest I’m open minded so it’s not a big deal.

Then she is always boasting of her friends because they are rich and have connections. To her that means she will not find it difficult to access some things. The loyalty was there because of their position and what she could benefit from them in the long run.

Then I took it personal because I know what was prophesied over her life. I also know the anointing and influence she carries which she is yet to tap into. Why? Because she feels the influence will come by constantly chasing influential people in quote.

I made her understand that she’s chasing things the other way round. God has spoken evidently how your influence will span across your generation but you are chasing influence instead of him. I told her that she can have 1million followers in one day and it’s not an indicator of success.

I know that many of us might be chasing things the other way round. The bible says, “seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you”.

So what we do is to spend our time and energy seeking “all these things”.

Maybe God has called you to:

  • Be a voice in the entertainment industry
  • Capture the market place in Africa
  • Be a media household name in Africa
  • Be a woman of renown
  • Be a highly recognized designer
  • Impact lives via the platform He has given you
  • Take the gospel to different parts of the world

The list goes on.

Then all you do is to keep chasing all the celebrities, hustling round the clock, securing the bag with no place for God, obsessing over followers on social media and investing in things with no direct relationship to where God is taking you to.

The question for today is, are you chasing all these things with no place for God?

Maybe because you feel He doesn’t have much to do with how you want your life to turn out or you can’t trust him with your ambitions. So you rather trust a random guy that has a particular position than the one who gave him the position in the first place.

Channel that energy to chasing God. Be a friend of God this year. Pursue him with all your heart and see as every other thing including influence, resources, good health and the likes will be added unto you.

If your purpose does not revolve around God, the devil will hand you a counterfeit because nature abhors vacuum. So it’s either your purpose is for His kingdom or not.

Make a decision to chase the most important thing: The kingdom of God.


Love you




  • Dera
    Posted January 26, 2021 10:19 am 1Likes

    Ayaya is all I can say
    Powerful words
    Love the last two paragraphs

    • pwoman
      Posted February 8, 2021 10:27 am 0Likes

      Thanks Dera.

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