Last week I developed what seemed like an allergy. To be honest I don’t know where it came from because I can’t recall being allergic to anything growing up. Everyone was asking what I ate. Then unfortunately, this happened on the week where I substituted my breakfast for a smoothie. Some of the smoothie I prepared were real smoothie with proven recipe and the rest was just concoction. Something immediately whispered to my ears that I must have gotten allergic to one of the concoctions I have been trying out all in the name of making a smoothie. I can remember mixing green, ugu, lettuce, banana, beetroot, Greek yoghurt, strawberry and then liquid milk. Hahahahahaha. I just remembered adding pineapple. What a concoction!

When I mentioned this to my husband he asked me if I was able to drink this for real and I said yes because it was delicious. Then I remembered a scrub I bought in December that I was actually using for the first time that week and the scrub is really expensive. So I just told myself that it cannot be possible. In fact at a point I became paranoid trying to trace the source of the allergy.

I was in pains for two days that I will not even wish that for somebody. All that mattered at that moment was to be able to perform basic functions like carrying my baby, sleeping without pain, wearing my clothes without fear of touching that area. It was the basic yet simple things that mattered at that moment.

Is this not true that sometimes, certain situations in life will force us to embrace the things that truly matter? All of a sudden your quest to live a luxurious life becomes replaced with the quest to make impact and those things that stress you out in the past will no longer become your focus. Somehow those situations made you realize that there is much more to life than barely existing.

The question is, when will you realize to pay attention to the things that truly matter?

When will you realize That:

  • Having a working relationship with God is a prerequisite to functioning effectively in your purpose
  • your relevance is not determined by marriage
  • It takes much more than your desire to accomplish those goals
  • Your identity is not in any man or relationship but in Christ
  • You have so much to offer your generation than what you are currently settling for
  • The Holy spirit is your greatest asset
  • Your background or past does not define you
  • You are placing a limit on what God can do in your life
  • Social media is much more than a couple of challenges, likes and comments…it’s a tool for ministry
  • Your phone Apps are not meant to control you
  • You are being raised for such a time as this
  • You don’t miss out on anything chasing God
  • God loves you so much that if you were the only one alive he would have still died for you

Unfortunately majority of us realize these things either on our sick bed or when life has put us in a situation where we have to reflect on these things.

Don’t wait till you are helpless to start living

After we have come to the end of this life, the things that matter will be the only thing making sense to us.

Be intentional to engage in things that matter.

I pledge to live for THE THINGS THAT MATTER.


Love you




  • Dera
    Posted February 8, 2021 7:27 pm 0Likes

    I relate so much to this post. Few hours after I had my baby and couldn’t pee or poop a few days later, when I eventually did I was super thankful to God. I thank God for the little and at the same time important things.

    My favorite line in this post is: When I mentioned this to my husband he asked me if I was able to drink this for real and I said yes because it was delicious.????????????

    You keep amazing me girl

    Thumbs up ????????

  • Ogechi
    Posted February 14, 2021 12:33 am 0Likes

    Only the things that matter, Lord.
    Thank you Dimma, for sharing.

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