Welcome To The Journal Challenge 2019

As I was praying about event of things this year for phenomenal woman, the lord told me that 2019 is a year to be INTENTIONAL about the seeds we plant.
As part of being intentional this year, we are embarking on a journal challenge for the rest of this year as a means of being intentional about our relationship with God.
God is not just one big guy up there controlling the affairs of the world…He’s your friend and very much intrested in every minute details of your life.
Relating with God as your friend is one of the realest things I have ever experienced…He’s so real sisters.

Instead of taking out your time and throwing it on social media or to that friend that doesn’t understand how you feel.
Why not pour out all your emotions to God on a journal?
Trust me hunnie, He’s always there listening and also saying something about that situation no one else understands.

This 2019, do well to invest in a journal . social media won’t give you any solution, your friends might not understand what you are going through but God sure does!

Lets get started……
All you need is a Journal, Bible, Devotional( I personally use plans on youversion bible App) , coloured pens and a really nice christian music in a quiet environment.

Pour out your heart to God and pen down any word God is laying in your heart…it can be an incident, experience or anything at all.

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