Last week the phenomenal woman sisterhood started a new book study and sis, did the book shake our core? It was a therapy we didn’t know we needed.

Sarah Jakes Robert took us on a journey to wholeness on her book titled, WOMAN EVOLVE. Our discussion last week Saturday made us not just vulnerable but took us down the memory lane. We had to tell that little girl on the inside of us who has made mistakes that she still had value, promise and worth.

It was indeed a much needed girls time over the weekend. The good thing is that we will be studying the book WOMAN EVOLVE throughout the month of may. How about that?

It was during the discussion last week that I gave my sisters an assignment. Sarah Jakes made a statement that had us confront our fears and in her words, “No one ends up stagnant in life because they want to be. We end up stagnant in life because the unknown is scary. Subconsciously we believe that choosing to live in a perpetual state of indecision is better than making the wrong decision.”

She went on to say, “ You can relate completely to the mental exhaustion that comes with navigating the thoughts, emotions and questions that come with being stuck. Will it be worth it? Do I have what it takes? Can I get it done? Do I open up or do I remain closed? Do I try again or do I avoid the pain of disappointment? Do I stay or do I go? If you have ever found yourself weighing any of the aforementioned thoughts or questions regarding your life, it’s not as simple as comparing two options. The endless potential consequences of those options play out in your mind until all you want is to do nothing at all.

Then what is the assignment?

I want you to list everything God has been laying in your heart to do and take a step towards actualizing them.

Do not overwhelm yourself but at the same time do not be stagnant. TAKE A STEP TODAY NOT TOMORROW!

If God is laying in your heart to:

  • Start a business….. your first step can be creating a business plan.
  • Start a non-profit…. Your first step can be reaching out to people that share the same passion as you and tell them what you intend to achieve with the idea.
  • Take your walk with Him seriously…. Your first step can be downloading messages that will fan those flames and getting a devotional.
  • Be a good wife and mum…. Your first step can be writing out how you intend to make that your reality.
  • Share your story…. Your first step can be creating a group or a blog and invite people whose reality is your story.
  • Learn a skill…. Your first step can be making enquiries about the program that is fit for you to acquire such skill.
  • Apply for a scholarship…. Your first step can be visiting various websites that supply such information.
  • Become a better version of you…. Your first step can be joining our online community and downloading my book titled, “To a Higher Version Of You”.

There is always a first step to actualizing those dreams God has laid in your hand.



Love you




  • Dera
    Posted May 10, 2021 4:25 pm 0Likes

    I’ve already made a mental note of what needs to change in my life and I’m working towards achieving it
    Thank you for this post
    A high star to our current read

    • Somykels
      Posted May 10, 2021 8:23 pm 0Likes

      Our books always comes right in time.

  • Somykels
    Posted May 10, 2021 8:22 pm 0Likes

    Do not overwhelm yourself but at the same time do not be stagnant. TAKE A STEP TODAY NOT TOMORROW!

    This alone is a whole message for me. God bless u for this write up.

  • Chimdi
    Posted May 11, 2021 9:37 pm 0Likes

    For me, it’s about beginning to execute what God has already laid out.

    Thank you Dimm

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